The issue of seal slaughter mainly in Canada and Nambia.


The EU Seal Campaign

CATCA Launches international campaign to ban Canadian seal products in Europe.


The Seal Tour in Europe

CATCA goes to the EU to lobby for seals.


Seal meat in Canadian Supermarkets petition

Sign this petition to stop Canadian supermarkets from selling seal products.


Canadian Commercial Seal Hunt Update

The Canadian government want an annual quota of 400,000 Harp seals for 2012!


Grey seals cull plan in Canada

The Canadian senate SC and the DFO may end up killing 70,0000 grey seals (or more) in Canada.


CATCA at the World Trade Center

CATCA got a meeting at the WTO last week in Geneve, Switzerland


Facts about the Canadian commercial seal hunt

All you need to know about the Canadian commercial seal hunt.


CATCA 2008 Seal Campaigns Album

The CATCA 2008 Seal Campaigns Album


EU bans seal products imports!

The EU has voted to ban the import of seal products.


Seal Campaign 2009

Various items from the 2009 Seal Campaign.


Seal Slaughter Protest in Germany

Text and pictures of a seal slaughter protest held in Stuttgart.


CATCA Tours and Seal Campaign in Europe

Thoughts on the campaign against seal slaughter in Europe.


Vancouver Rally for Seals 2009

Videos and pictures from the 2009 Vancouver rally against the Canadian Seal Slaughter.


Ban of Canadian Seal Products

There is a EU movement to ban Canadian Seal products.