The CATCA eletters are presented below in reverse chronological order.



CATCA_E-Newsletter December 2014

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CATCA E-Newsletter December 2013

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CATCA E-Newsletter February 2013 Volume 27

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CATCA E-Newsletter December 2012

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CATCA E-Newsletter September 2012 Volume 25

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CATCA E-Newsletter Volume 24

Yupi update, Canadian seal slaughter


CATCA E-Newsletter Xmas 2011 Volume 23

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ALERT for the seals, elephants at zoo in Toronto, wildlife, Yupi, WFFF and more


CATCA E-Newsletter Volume 22

Join us in the last CATCA WAD Event for 2011


CATCA E-Newsletter Volume 21

World Animal Day Ambassador, Local news, Help Yupi the polar bear


CATCA E-Newsletter Volume 20

Various reports, urgent pleas, bullfights decline, CATCA support


CATCA E-Newsletter Volume 19

Motorcade for seals, Mac Harb Inuit support, CVFAF, Canada charity regulation, Hatem Yavuz


CATCA E-Newsletter Volume 18th

Bowling, monkeys, seals, Poland and IWC, Elephant and Ivory investigation


November 2010 Volume 17th

Raffle winner, Anti-fur demo, Campaign to save Lake Urmia, Yupi campaign, Iceland starts whale meat exports, Dolphin massacre in Japan, Memorial University of Newfoundland stops using live animals, Biodiversity summit


European General Court and the Seals Regulation Update

EU court decides not to suspend Seals Regulation for duration of court case


October 2010 Volume 16

Taste of Health, News about EU Seal Product Ban, Ground Squirrel Meeting in Turkey, Cruel Slaughter of Sanctuary Rabbits by Barb Smith, Bosnia Fur Farm taking care of minks.


European Commission Meeting Sep 15

Resumen of my meeting at the European Commission in Brussels in September 15th, 2010.


May 2010 Volume 15

CATCA is having a deep financial crisis.


Volume 14 Special Edition!

CATCA is proud to celebrate 21 years of educating and campaigning for the animal’s welfare.


November 2009 Volume 12

Canada requests WTO consultations; UDAw motion passed; Sealskin portfolios a hit; EU urged to boycott Canadian seafood.


September 2009 Volume 11

Taiji Dolphin Slaughter Suspension Still in Effect; Egg Industry Hatchery; GNC and shark products.


August 2009 Volume 10

Canadians Back Namibia on Seal Harvests, The COVE Film.


July 2009 Volume 9

EU seal products ban, Poland joins IWC, Rhino Toliwe found Murdered by Poachers.