For the animals exploited by human greed


This is an urgent campaign to help Yupi the Polar Bear in Mexico.


Ericka Ceballos is the proud Canadian Ambassador of World Animal Day. Click on the WAD logo above to check for the events that we will hold to celebrate the animals in Canada.

AD-AV Award!

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CATCA Environmental and Wildlife Society is a new registered NGO created in 2013, to work with the urgent wildlife issues of Campaigns Against the Cruelty to Animals. Our team is comprised by some of the most active animal welfare and conservation people in BC. CATCA EWS collaborates with colleagues and volunteers from all over the world. Diversity makes us richer as an NGO, so we welcome colleagues and volunteers to help us expose the global illegal trade of protected wildlife from all religions, race, cultures and sexual orientation. We have an EEO and EVO policy. We only ask for commitment of your scientific knowledge and technical skills when doing our investigations. For more information click HERE


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Ericka Ceballos

Founder and President of CATCA
Ericka has been very active in the welfare and conservation of animals for the last 35 years, and she has founded and co-founded several animal NGO’s in Mexico, Canada and in Europe.
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Annelise Sorg

Co-founder and President of Coalition For No Whales in Captivity
Annelise is a long-time vegan who became a director of the Vancouver Humane Society (VHS) in 1987. She was instrumental in bringing attention to the plight of performing animals in the local circus, aquarium and zoo.
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Bruce Foerster

Account Manager
Bruce first got involved in the animal protection movement over 30 years ago when he met Paul Watson who at that time had just started the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.
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Cheryl Rutherford

Professional graphic and web designer
Cheryl has been volunteering for a variety of organizations since 2008, primarily by donating technical expertise, graphic design, Facebook and website administration, as well as photography.
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Lauchlan Ashdown

Former firefighter
Lauchlan became a leader in creating awareness against the annual rodeo in Cloverdale, Surrey BC. He has supported many animal campaigns, but is especially focused against the seal hunt in Canada.

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